A Chocolate Core Course Week

This past week we had the opportunity to partake in 5 days dedicated to our core course. For mine, this was Medicine Biotechnology and Drug Development. It was super cool to learn about the research but also other things like marketing and what it means to be a startup company! I’ve decided to split this post into all 5 days and give you short rundowns so you don’t get bored of my writing (I hope you wouldn’t in the first place but we’re all human).

Day 1: Travel to Odense and Flødeboller!

  • 2-hour bus ride to Odense (the middle part of Denmark)
  • Walking tour in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen
  • Meeting with Stephen J. Fey, CEO and cofounder of CelVivo
    • CelVivo is a startup company creating 3D cell culture technologies to create spheroids, organoids, and more for academia and pharmaceutical companies
  • Flødeboller, a Scandinavian treat that’s like a marshmallow covered in chocolate, making workshop at a local confectionery store
  • Dinner at a “food market” with multiple different restaurants
  • Night at a Cabininn!

Day 2: Aarhus and Aros

  • Early breakfast at Cabininn
  • Meeting with Dr. Martin Larsen at the Center for Clinical Proteomics at the University of Southern Denmark
    • Use of multiple mass spectrometry methods to identify and analyze cell proteins and diseases
  • 2-hour bus ride to Aarhus
  • Tour of Aros, a world-famous museum!
  • Time to walk around in Aarhus
  • Dinner at Grappa El Porto, a very nice Italian restaurant
  • Night at Cabininn!

Day 3: iNano, youNano, he she me Nano

  • Early breakfast at Cabininn
  • Visit to iNano (Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center), a collaboration between Asrhus and Aalbord University
    • Focuses on creating and researching nanomedicine, nanomaterials, and other varieties of technology for biological applications
  • Lunch at a local café
  • 4-hour bus ride home

Day 4: Stem Cell Hour

  • Presentation at DIS by Louise F. S. Lauritsen’s presentation on Non-clinical safety assessment
    • Information on how non-clinical safety testing works and the intricacies of things like first in human(FIH) doses are calculated
  • Lunch provided by DIS
  • Stem Cell Hour and learning about different regenerative therapies
    • Turns out, Dental Pulp cells can be used in your liver!
  • More information on our Drug Discovery Assignment where we all get to visit different pharmaceutical companies later in the year

Day 5: LeoPharma (No not the zodiac sign)

  • Visit to LeoPharma, a pharmaceutical company specializing in dermatology projects
    • Information on products, collaboration with other companies, and overall working environment including getting an Industrial PhD
  • Wrap up of our week!
I forgot to take pictures for the last 2 days so here’s a picture of Copenhagen Main Library. A great place to study!

Overall, this past week was a lot of fun. We got to see all sides of drug development from the start up to academics and ended with a giant pharmaceutical company. I also got to know a lot of my classmates better, including the fact that I’m the only one who actually likes licorice.

“We’re like licorice. Not everybody likes licorice, but the people who like licorice really like licorice.”
-Jerry Garcia

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