Cooling down with Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid. An American staple that is great for a summer BBQ or when you just decide that water isn’t cutting it for you. I haven’t had Kool-Aid in many years, however someone in Denmark made me realize that we are doing it completely wrong. Toke, my host brother, has enlightened me on the greatest thing ever created. Danish Kool-Aid. OK so it’s not Kool-Aid brand like the United States, but it’s so much better that I can’t stop drinking it. Instead of the powdered mess we have, they instead have these juice concentrate’s that when diluted with 9 to 11 parts water creates a party of flavor in your mouth!

Going from left to right we have so many different flavors: Raspberry and Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry and Raspberry, Black Currant, Peach and Passion Fruit, and Elder-flower. There is way more flavors than this but it is already too many to count for me at this point. They are relatively cheap too, costing anywhere from 10 to 25 kroner which in the United States is around 1 to 3 USD. And now I present to you my top 3 flavors of Danish Kool-Aid.

3. Peach and Passion Fruit

I would like to describe Peach and Passion Fruit as the right amount of sweet with just the right amount of passion put into it. Having the tanginess of peach paired with the mildness of passion fruit, this flavor surely shines especially with regular water. While it can be paired with sparkling water instead, the water does not do the Kool-Aid justice, where the flavor is slightly muted by the CO2 bubbles. This flavor is fantastic and pair just right with any salad or salty snack.

2. Pineapple

This one may come as a shock to some, but I am a really big fan of pineapple to the point where I will say that pineapple does belong on pizza. This Kool-Aid recreates the flavor of pineapple, combining the correct amount of sweetness with the hint of sour real pineapple juice has. When paired with sparkling water, this is where pineapple shines. The mixture of bubbles with sweet and tangy is almost unbeatable, with anyone wanting to drink it to the last drop. I would recommend this flavor for almost every type of food, excluding desert as it would just be too sweet.

1.  Elder-flower

With Pineapple coming in a very close second, it cannot overpower the greatness that is elder-flower. With the delicate taste of the European elder, nothing can match this Kool-Aid. In regular water or sparkling water, you can never go wrong with this flavor. Semi-sweet with just enough tartness, it is something you would never find in the United States, which is honestly a shame. You will be gulping down this drink until the end of times, savoring the elder-flower taste and wanting to come back for more. I would recommend this flavor for any meal, but goes especially well with meat and potatoes.

Oh Yeah!

Kool-Aid Man

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