(Milan)o Cookies

Hej! This past weekend, I finally took my first trip outside of Denmark to Milan, Italy. Lets just say that Italian pasta is soooooooo good. I went with my friends Mei, Justin, Justin #2, and the Justins’ friend Hanna who is another Carleton student studying in Barcelona! We left Friday night, only to arrive at Bergamo and somehow find a charter bus at the last minute and a taxi to where we were staying for the night in Milan. During the next 24 hours, we saw the famous Duomo Catholic Church, a castle, pretty parks, the Starbucks reserves, and got to have homemade Italian pizza and pasta.

To explain it in better terms, I took so many pictures that you can see everywhere I went and what I saw! I will say that Milan public transportation sucks, so I would advise not booking a flight Sunday morning at 6:35, especially if you don’t have a good way to the city center late at night. Mei and I had to sleep outside the airport for 3 hours before they opened it up and honestly was still better than paying 70 euros for a taxi. Overall, it was so much fun even if we were there for only 24 hours.

Sorry for a bit of a shorter post, but I am currently in Portugal for my long study tour (Be on the lookout this upcoming weekend for my bad interpretation of the trip that will definitely not be in Portuguese). I would also like to say that I am also doing an Instagram takeover for DIS at @dis.copenhagen this Wednesday! Follow me through one of my days in Lisbon where you get so see how boring I am. Vejo você na próxima vez!

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