These past 2 weeks have been very busy for me! Lots of tests, more traveling, and honestly me trying to get back into the swing of things. Except now I leave for my independent travel week! This is a whole week I get off to travel wherever I please. I will be traveling solo for a big portion of it, but I think I will be able to give some good feedback afterwards, especially considering I’ve never stayed in a hostel.

I feel like I would be a bit repetitive talking about my past week like I have before, as it would mostly consist of me telling you about the sites I visited, and what classes I was studying for. But blog posts don’t necessarily have to be just writing. Instead, I will be repetitive in a different way. Pictures! I love taking them to the point I always have to stop my friends, but it is a great way to capture and remember the moment. Just make sure you do actually look at it with your own eyes from time to time. Hej hej and see you next week!

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