Throwing a Fin-tastic Birthday

This past week we got to celebrate my friend Justin’s birthday! And what better way to spend your birthday than at the aquarium IMMEDEATLY followed by sushi (Ironic isn’t it?). After spending a couple hours turning in a final paper and preparing a presentation, we decided to head to the aquarium. It looked really cool from the outside, and inside it was also beautiful. We saw everything from the sea otters, octopi, and obviously many, many fish. We even got to watch them feed the piranhas! It was truly terrifying but I am glad there are none in Denmark and the United States (well, not in the wild at least).

We also got to touch some stingrays in their touch pool and have our hands cleaned by doctor fish. They like to eat the dead skin off of you, which is the WIERDEST feeling ever. You can probably tell by my facial expressions…

Afterwards, we decided to head to the sushi restaurant named Uma. We got the all you can eat sushi menu, which was the best and worst decision we ever made. For 6 people, we ordered: 25 gyoza, 3 edamame bowls, and roughly 40 rolls of sushi. I felt so full afterwards and yet some of my friends decided to go and get shakes from McDonalds afterwards. Truly a gluttonous night.

This also happens to be my last week here in Copenhagen ☹. Its unfortunate that it has to end so soon, but I hope to get in all the rest of my bucket list before I leave. I will also be covering the DIS Copenhagen Instagram again tomorrow for the student showcase if you read this in time! If not, don’t worry. They are all archived in the story sections on the Instagram page so you can view it later. Off to go Hygge one last time!

Family Time in Sweden

I was fortunate enough to meet my Swedish relatives this past break! We had 3 days off from DIS in which my family came to visit me, but for us to also go to Sweden. We traveled to Malmö where we rented a car and then drove 3 hours to Karlskrona. It was really crazy to drive at 3:30 completely dark out but I guess that’s the life here in Scandinavia. We also ended up staying in this really nice cabin on the ocean!

This was the first time my family and I have met them which made for a really cool and fun experience. My great grandfather, Albert, emigrated from Sweden to America. He has multiple brothers and sisters in which our relatives descended from. I learned more about my family history and how a lot of our family traditions around Christmas time are influenced by or are Swedish. We love to make pepparkakor aka ginger snaps, Swedish meatballs, lingonberry sauce, and have lots of dala horses around the house.

Our relatives showed us a lot of places in Karlskrona. We visited the forest my great grandfather left from, where his old house was, his school, and even where he was baptized. We even had some non-alcoholic glögg and pepparkakor on the side of the road. It was pretty surreal. They even threw us a party to welcome us! I felt like I made a connection back through my family past, and that really meant a lot to me.

It also means a lot to me to know my family history. For us Americans, we care a lot about out background and where we came from. You can see that in our mascots, media, or even just talking to others. But not a lot of us can say that we have met or know that side of our history. I have been fortunate enough to learn and meet this side which is absolutely magical.

Sweden feels like home to me, and I hope to continue my journey there after I am done with my degree back home. Living here in Copenhagen, visiting family, and going to Stockholm has made me fall in love with Scandinavia. I wish I didn’t have to go home in less than 2 weeks. Copenhagen you great.